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Embrace the New Year!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

People have historically embraced the changing year as an opportunity to improve their lives and start anew with creating their personal New Year's Resolutions. When participating in this tradition, many people make personal goals that reflect the kind of person they want to be. You may have decided to exercise more, eat better, read more, spend quality time with family, or give back to your community.

In the spirit of this time-honored tradition, our Embrace Treatment Foster Care teams took the time to collectively consider their goals and the improvements they would like to work towards in 2019. Here are their resolutions!

Our Embrace TFC Team in Fredericksburg decided to personally challenge their team members to only eat lunch out once a week. They also teamed up to take on a professional challenge that will make a huge impact for children in foster care in 2019. Team Fredericksburg is planning to provide more permanency to children in care than any year to date!

Our Embrace TFC Team in Roanoke also wanted to commit themselves to new goals for the year 2019. They plan to have a stronger community presence by being involved in more activities, clubs and events. Be on the lookout for our Roanoke team out and about! Additionally, they plan to provide more support and partnerships for the biological families of any children in foster care. Finally, they want to do more for the teenagers in the south-western part of Virginia that are in foster care.

The team in Winchester, our newest location, is excited to make a big impact on their community. In 2019, they are making a resolution to open 5 foster homes, as well as work to place 10 children into these loving homes. Additionally, they are making the personal goal to have their team continue to grow and hire more passionate staff!

The end of the year is a great occasion to reflect on opportunities for improvement, and January first is the perfect time to set new personal or professional goals. Best of luck to all of our Embrace TFC teams on their New Year’s Resolutions.

Cannot wait to see what we can accomplish this year!



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