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Foster Parent Training: PRIDE®

The journey to fostering includes training to help future foster parents have a better understanding of the children coming into their home. PRIDE® is a curriculum developed and approved by the Child Welfare League of America, and is required state curriculum to become a certified foster parent in Virginia.

Pride stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education

All future families of Embrace are required to complete 24 hours of Pre-Service Training, also called PRIDE. This training is based on the philosophy that the value of family life for children, however family is defined, is immense. Because of this, knowledgeable and skilled foster and adoptive parents are integral to providing quality services. PRIDE training is broken down into nine sessions designed to strengthen the quality of foster

parenting and adoption services. Sessions include: Connecting with PRIDE, Teamwork Towards Permanency, Meeting Developmental Needs: Attachment and Loss, Strengthening Family Relationships, Meeting Developmental Needs: Discipline, Continuing Family Relationships, Planning for Change, Making an Informed Decision.

The Goals of Pride

  • Meet the protective, developmental, cultural, and permanency needs of children placed with foster and adoptive families.

  • Strengthen families, whether they are families of origin, blended families, extended or kinship families, foster families, adoptive families, or tribal members.

  • Strengthen the quality of family foster parenting and adoption services by providing a standardized, structured framework for pre-service training and mutual assessment.


For more information on training or becoming a foster parent, click here.


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