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Healthy Family Habits

Topic #1: Exercise

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Attending your local gym

  • Cardio vs. Resistance Training

  • How often for how long?

In this segment we will cover how to become more active to help burn calories, increase mobility, improve metabolic function and to just have fun!

Topic #2: Nutrition and Hydration

  • Proteins, Carbs, Fats and Vegetables

  • Ideal %’s of each

  • When and What to Eat

  • Things to Avoid

  • How much water per day, per person

The subject everyone wants to learn more about. How can we eat healthy, while it still tastes good and helps us lose weight or gain muscle. In addition, the benefits of water and how it can give us more energy, relieve our joint pain and improve cognitive function.

Topic #3: Supplementation

  • What do you need?

  • Don’t be tricked into Marketing Gimmicks

  • How can they help?

We see what’s advertised on TV, magazines and our timeline on Facebook, here we will discuss the need to know information on what to spend our money on vs. what to say “No thank you” too.

Topic #4: Stress Management

  • Refer to Topic #1

  • Guided Meditation Massage/Chiro/Acupuncture

  • Journal what you are grateful for

Lastly the one that has the most power in our daily happiness, STRESS! How can we manage it, take control of our life and how to turn negatives into positives.


About the Author: Cris Edmonds is the Wellness Director for Lucas Therapies. Below is an outline of the video presentation posted on January 30, 2017. The goal of this presentation is to educate everyone on how to create a healthy lifestyle within your family, meaning the parents and the children. With the ever growing number of obesity in our country, our goal is to help reverse that trend.


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