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Meet the Team: Kali Julienne

  1. How did you get into the human services profession and come to work for Embrace? I have became interested in the human services profession while I was in my undergrad and taken a sociology class. From that class, I have developed a passion to learning about people and how to help people with the many obstacles they encounter. I have especially grown to love working with the youth because the youth are often times negatively affected by their environment and learn from what they see. I believe in showing them a new perspective of life and how they can change the path that was once set out for them. I came to Embrace because I saw an opportunity for me to service youth in foster care, an environment where child need the most love and support.

  2. What, for you, is the toughest part of the job? The toughest part of the job would be having to read and listen to the traumatic things the youth in foster care have experienced and not letting it affect me emotionally. Having to separate my own emotions about the situations can be tough.

  3. What is the most rewarding part about your job? The most rewarding part about my job is knowing that I can make a positive difference in the lives of the youth and even the foster parents.

  4. What's something you like to do for fun outside of work? Outside of work, I like to watch movies, travel, and experience new things.


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