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Meet the Team-Kel Smith

Meet Kel Smith the newest member of our Embrace Family!

Kel joins our team in the Hampton Roads office as a TFC Case Manager.

We sat down with Kel to learn more about his passion to serve children in the community.

How long have you been with Embrace? I have been with Embrace since the beginning of 2019.
Prior to working with Embrace, how long have you been in the human services field? I have been working in the field for 20 years. 
How did you get into the human services profession and come to work for Embrace?  Growing up in poverty teaches you a level of humility , and drives you to help those who were not given the same opportunities. I came to work for embrace, due to my experience with National Counseling Group community based counseling.  
What is the most rewarding part about your job? Learning more about people and teaching resilience to young people.