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New to Foster Care

Deciding to become a foster parent is a huge step, and many families take their time deliberating before making the commitment. James and Shirley are new foster parents who considered fostering for two years before opening their home to a child. What made them finally take the plunge? “Our daughter and her children recently moved out of our home and now we have a lot of room.” Like many others, James and Shirley are empty nesters that wanted to share their newfound space, and seasoned parenting skills, with a child in their community. Both their hearts, and home, were prepared to take in a foster placement.

It is important that potential foster parents find an agency that is compatible with their lifestyle. Having the proper support is crucial in ensuring comfort and success throughout the process. The agency must be willing to work with the foster family’s schedule and individual needs. Why did James and Shirley decide to trust Embrace? “We were researching foster cares in our area and came across Embrace, and after going on their website we knew this was the company we wanted to go through!” Doing the proper research and finding an agency that they loved set James and Shirley up for success, and ultimately made the process easier.

Now, James and Shirley are eagerly awaiting their first placement. With the support of the Embrace team, they are ready to accept a child into their family with open arms. “We are looking forward to sharing the love and care we have. Also, our granddaughter having someone that she can play with and have family outings with. We can have game nights, we can take the kids to the movies, but most importantly we can just give them love, support, and guidance and somewhere they can call home.”

Though deciding to become a foster parent is not easy, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those who are ready. If you are exploring the idea of fostering, reach out to the Embrace team for assistance in deciding if it is the right step for you. James and Shirley have great advice for those thinking of fostering, “If you are a loving and caring person, and have the extra room, and time, and patience… Give your support in fostering a child.”

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