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How to Deal With Holiday Stress

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

The holiday season is cherished by people for different reasons. Some view it as a time of religious significance and reflection. Others see it as a special time to travel and spend time with family members. Still others use the time to get a break from work and recharge.

But unfortunately, this season can be a source of anxiousness and stress for many people. Traffic gets heavier with so many people traveling and gift shopping, decisions must be made about which family to go visit and when, and let’s not forget the underlying pressure to buy (and be able to afford) the perfect present for every single person you love.

So how does one stay calm amidst all the chaos, both good and bad?

We here at Embrace have plenty of experience in maneuvering this seasonal stress. Working in foster care is always a bit chaotic, and things often get more difficult during the holidays. Still, our staff have found ways to keep a level head through specific tactics.

We have shared our favorites to inspire you to practice self-care this season:

How do I keep my cool during the holidays? Oh gosh… CLEANING! There is just something about tackling a messy house and stepping back victorious that calms me down. It’s like washing away the mess washes away my stress too. ~ Erin

I like a hot bubble bath and a good book. It’s easy to let tension take over my shoulders and just stay there for days! The hot water and steam from a bath naturally eases tension in my muscles, and once my body is relaxed, I find that my mind calms down too. ~ Gretchen

Yoga! Or just stretching in general; doesn’t have to be fancy. When you’re stressed, your whole body clenches up and makes the stress even worse. I stretch out every morning and sometimes in the evenings too, and it relaxes me right away. ~ Julie

For me, staying organized is key. My parents are no longer together and between them and my in-laws, we were expected to attend 4 different family gatherings between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Now with a toddler, it’s pretty much impossible to make that happen and enjoy yourself at the same time. So last year we decided that we will no longer try to please everyone and just do what works for us. So now, the people who give us all the details ahead of time for an event (which also happens before our daughter’s bedtime!) are the most likely to see us over the holidays. ~ Heather

I keep my cool by not allowing the holidays to stress me out. It’s a great time of year, and I enjoy it, and I think people miss out on that by focusing on the wrong things. Just take time to enjoy everything the season has to offer, especially if you have children. ~ Ronnie

Handling holiday stress? Easy! I work out a bunch and eat lots of holiday candy and cookies and hope that it all balances out! ~ Erica

We hope these tips are helpful as we launch into the season. Remember, regardless of how you celebrate, it’s important that you do take time to be with your loved ones and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Try to enjoy the time while it lasts; it’ll be over before you know it.

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