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Why Foster?

We asked our families why they decided to become foster parents. Here is one of their heartwarming responses we couldn't help but share with you.  When I learned how many children were in Foster Care in Virginia, I could not turn my head.  Our kids were grown and pretty much out of the house and we wanted to keep our house full.  As our kids were growing up, we were the "house" where everyone just came in and if they didn't have food at home, they knew we would feed them.  Twenty years later, we have pretty much raised not only our own children but 10 others as well. Our first child we fostered with Embrace is the child we adopted.  He was 16 with little hope of a future, he was failing everything, but now is a high school graduate, working and finally received his drivers' license.  I think about where he would have been if we hadn't adopted him. This job is definitely not easy, but it is very rewarding.  You are able to make serious life changes, or at least, show these kids that there is another way to be treated, how to live, and how hard work pays off. We have had children from 6- 18 and they all still keep in touch with us. Maybe we made a difference, or maybe they felt loved for a short time. These kids change your heart and remind you what is really important. Loving each other.

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