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Every child in Virginia deserves a safe place to call home, wouldn’t you agree? Unfortunately this is far from the case. Every night children in Virginia go to sleep hungry, abused, and neglected. When these children are removed from these desperate circumstances they are placed in a foster home. For most children this home is the first time they will ever experience stability, trust, and love. Families who display these qualities are always in high demand.

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Why Embrace?

Here at Embrace, we offer training to help you to meet the needs of children who may come from a wide range of backgrounds and match children to a home which meets both the child’s needs and the foster parent’s level of comfort and experience. We pride ourselves in helping families be equipped, empowered, and educated with the necessary skill set to provide a safe, stable and nurturing home for youth brought into foster care, and we support foster parents completely through their journey. Our mission is to “improve lives” and by partnering with families like yours we are able to accomplish this mission for children in foster care in our community. 

Why We Need You

We provide case management and coordinate with local Departments of Social Services in order to meet the needs of children that have been removed from their home. We receive referrals to our foster program weekly and at times, daily; however, we do not have enough foster parents to meet this demand. Because we do not have the homes to accommodate these children we turn away 8-10 children a week.

What is treatment foster care?

Future Families

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Current Foster Families

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