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Embrace TFC was created from National Counseling Group TFC in 2015 and is owned by ncgCARE.  Through our network of providers, ncgCARE is leading the way to excellence in behavioral healthcare. We provide the foundation for our provider partners to succeed through innovation, service excellence, best practice development, and a strong commitment to our employees. 

As part of the partnership, ncgCARE helps provide administrative services and supports our Embrace TFC mission. 

ncgCARE Leadership

President & CEO

Those who know me know I am a passionate person.  Weather talking about my family, my friends, my not so great golf game, or Behavioral Healthcare my passion comes through.  I joined this organization in 2006, and have been fortunate to be part of a great team focused on Improving Lives every day.  I am passionate about creating lasting change in Behavioral Healthcare, about every ncgCARE partner being a great place to work- a destination employer, about creating simple effective access to care,- and great service after first contact,  and finally about truly ‘Improving Lives’ through the work we do- great outcomes and great programming.

Most importantly, I am passionate about having ncgCARE and our partners representing those ideals to everyone who thinks about Behavioral Health.  In short, I am passionate about ncgCARE being the very best. Originally from the Providence Rhode Island area, I am a proud Greyhound of Assumption College, I bring extensive experience from “C” level and management positions in organizations such as Inova Health System, Inova Alexandria Hospital, Capital Hospice, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Rhode Island Hospital, and PWC.

Chief Clinical Officer

My dad says what we do is "the work of angels.” Quality care is my passion. I love touching every program we provide through our work in the Institute. Coming up on 2 decades with NCG, I have had the rare opportunity to help shape a vision that, simply said, helps people. And while I love what I do, we all need respite from time to time, and travel is mine. If I can’t resist the pull of a work call, then a trip is in order! Maybe someday I'll leave my phone behind.


Jim joined ncgCARE in 2018 and leads the company’s finance and IT teams. Jim is a certified public accountant with more than 25 years' experience. Throughout his extensive career, he has held a variety of key financial positions within middle market and global, multi-billion dollar organizations. A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Jim earned a dual bachelor's degree in Finance and Accounting and is an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Financial Executives International.

Chief Growth Officer

I grew up playing sports in northern New Jersey. When annual soccer tournaments brought me to Virginia, I knew this would one day become home. I graduated from the University of Richmond in 1996 (B.A.) and from Springfield College in 1998 (M.S.), right before being hired as NCG's first community-based counselor. I am proud of NCG's growth and the opportunities to improve lives through our services. In my downtime, I enjoy golf, SportsCenter, chocolate, and Seinfeld re-runs. I root for the Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Cowboys, and UVA. Why the Cowboys? Ask me.

VP of Corporate Development and General Counsel

Nick joined ncgCARE in 2015 to assist the team in corporate development, specifically mergers and acquisitions. Nick had previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Community Alternatives, Inc., a company providing community based behavioral health services in western Pennsylvania.
Mr. Riehl earned his bachelor’s in business management from Saint Vincent College in Pennsylvania, his MBA and Juris Doctor from the University of Akron. Mr. Riehl is licensed to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania and is registered to provide corporate counsel in Virginia. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania Council for Children, Family, and Youth Services, an organization representing human service providers across the state.

EVP, Chief Operating Officer

I am the new guy on the leadership team and joined ncgCARE in 2020, a week before the pandemic hit. On a personal note, I am a sports-loving, long-time Virginia resident that went to college in Florida, so I have golf, sun, sand and ocean in my blood to complement my Scottish heritage. Professionally, I come from 30 years of supporting the Government IT and Cyber Security market, having spent the last 15 years at a senior level managing operations and finance. I have embraced this transition with a mission to maximize operating efficiency in order to provide more to all of our team members doing the work of heroes in our communities. I can't say enough how exciting and rewarding it is to be a part of a company that really does make people's lives better.

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