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Embrace TFC works with you every step of the way. 

Becoming a Foster Parent


Join our family today! 

Embrace TFC has worked with countless individuals and families to provide them with the best tools necessary to support our communities most vulnerable children and teens. You have the ability to forever shape a child’s life and to provide them with a future filled with opportunity.



Thank you for your interest!

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As an Embrace TFC Foster Parent, you will play a vital part

of our statewide effort to protect, care and support

children and teens experiencing foster care.  


Information Session

  • Your first step in the fostering process.

  • A place to ask questions and get answers.

  • This is where you will learn the basics of foster family requirements, and the detailed steps to move forward towards your first placement!

  • Click here to register for a virtual information session with a live recruiter!


Initial Paperwork

  • After attending an information session, set up a one on one call with our Recruiter, Erin Salum, to answer any more questions you may have.

  • Complete the pre-screen and application.





All future families of Embrace are required to complete 24 hours of Pre-Service Training, also called PRIDE. This training is based on the philosophy that the value of family life for children; however family is defined, is compelling. Because of this, knowledgeable and skilled foster and adoptive parents are integral to providing quality services. 

CPR/First Aid

In partnership with the American Red Cross, all our foster parents receive CPR/First aid training and certification, allowing them to respond to cardiac, breathing, and common first aid emergencies.



All foster parents will go through Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training designed by the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). The standard for crisis prevention and intervention training for over 35 years, the CPI equips our parents with proven strategies for safely defusing any anxious or hostile behavior in their foster children at the earliest possible stage.



Love and Logic provides simple and practical techniques to help parents with kids of all ages. This parenting tool course will ensure that our familiars can raise responsible kids, have more fun in their role and easily and immediately change their children's behavior.

Home Study

Home Study

  • Your local Embrace Foster Parent Coordinator will meet with you and your family in your home. 

  • The purpose of the home study is to learn more about you and establish transparency, trust, and understanding between foster parents and the Embrace TFC team.

  • The goal of the home study is to ensure joining the Embrace TFC team is right for you!

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