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How Our Case Manager's Roles Have Changed Due To The Pandemic

The roles and responsibilities for Embrace TFC's case managers have changed during these trying times as in-person meetings were suspended, home visits modified and work from home recommendations were suggested by the Center for Disease Control and Centers (CDC). Social distancing is currently the new “norm” and Embrace TFC case managers immediately had to change the structure of providing services to children in foster care.

Such changes include, but were not limited to, twice a week Zoom conference calls to ensure the safety of our children, video conference calls for meetings such as school, court and Family Planning and Assessment Team Meetings (FAPT). Finally, attempting to secure routine medical (bi-annual dental exams and yearly physicals) appointments continue to be a struggle as offices are closed or providing tele-health appointments.

As the roles and responsibilities of our case managers  have changed, the quality of services have not. Case managers are working closely with foster parents, department of social services workers, guardian at litem and CASA workers to guarantee children needs are met and identified challenges are processed with treatment team members. Case managers are also providing daily, weekly and monthly trainings to empower foster parents to be safe and healthy during this time of social distancing. Case managers are tasked more than ever with communicating, collaborating and coordinating with treatment team members and giving updates on the safety and well-being of our children. Our case managers have adapted quickly to new roles and responsibilities while remaining safe and healthy during this pandemic. 


Thank you to all of our case managers! Your ability to adapt during this time has allowed for our families and foster children to feel safe and connected. You are our frontline workers! 

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