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We're In This Together

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Just like any family, our foster families have had to adjust during the COVID-19 outbreak. Chaos has seemed to have turned into our everyday norm with schools closed across the state and many parents working from home. It’s easy to feel like life is in limbo and out of our control, but staying positive and supporting one another is very important.

Embrace reached out to foster families across the state to share how they are managing the chaos. Take a look at advice given by Emily who is one of our amazing parents on ways to navigate through this time.

1. What advice would you give students and caregivers to help keep up with their academics so they are not behind next year? 

Set a schedule that allowed time for academics in small bursts, with time to be creative, time to zone out, time to rest, time to move and exercise, scattered in between. 

The older ones may choose to knock out the work and then enjoy their time. 

Help kids to understand a routine and remaining balanced.

2. How can the community help students and teachers during this time? 

Check in with working parents that have school age kids, to see if they are in need. Teachers are being so creative and making the most out of this crazy time. 

3. Do you have any insight or words of wisdom you would share with students to help keep them motivated and uplifted during this time?

I personally am communicating with the kids teachers and sharing pics of their work and letting the kids know their response. You’d be surprised how much those who “hated” school love hearing what their teachers say! They want them to be proud! 

5. Do you have any insight or words of wisdom you would share with caregivers to encourage them as the situation evolves? 

Hang on tight. This is not easy, mostly terrifying, but I don’t know a single teacher who expects perfection from parents or students at this time. Do the best you can, utilize YouTube and all the online resources and have fun in between.

This too shall some point. 

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