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How to Choose an Inclusive Foster Care Agency

Every year, thousands of children are in foster care in Virginia. Every year, amazing people pledge their time, hearts, and homes to helping these children during this crucial time of need.

Becoming a foster parent results in incredible opportunities for families willing to open their hearts and homes:

  1. Helping children during a critical time in their life

  2. Supporting the most vulnerable of your community members by making sure their children are safe and cared for when they are in a time of crisis

  3. Building a family through foster-to-adoption

It is important to partner with the right foster care agency to make sure your foster care experience is positive and successful. Not all agencies or social service offices have the same policies or offer the same support. Here are some major categories that you should look into when deciding which agency is right for you:


Legally, you must be 21 years old to foster a child and there is no age too old to foster. That said, some agencies hold different age requirements than what is government-mandated. For example, some groups may require you be at least 25 years old to become a foster parent.


There are agencies who refuse same-sex couples from fostering. Some agencies may even refuse single men or women from fostering.

Being Single or Divorced

Despite the common misconception, there is no legal requirement to be married or even in a civil union to become a foster parent in Virginia. However, not all agencies will work with single/divorced individuals.


An agency may refuse partnering with a couple who is living together without being legally married.

Why choose Embrace?

We at Embrace believe children coming into the foster care system thrive in different family types and that is why it is so important to have homes that offer a range of family dynamics!

Embrace TFC considers itself an “equal opportunity partner.” Similar to an “equal opportunity employer,” we do not discriminate based on race, age (21+), religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, pregnancy, or disability. We are also open to a myriad of living dynamics, including but not limited to renting, single parenting, cohabitation, civil unions, etc.

We have a heart for Virginia’s children in care, and partnering with loving individuals who fall into that category is what matters the most to us!


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